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Leo (05)

Note to self: never read Arabian Nights or anything of the like before bed.

Well...actually the dream wasn't that bad.  Just very, very odd.  Strangely enough it made me think of someone I know even though it wasn't him exactly in the dream.  I'm really not quite sure what to make of it really but perhaps if I let it sit in the back of my mind for a bit it will all work itself out.

Other than that not much has occurred as of late.  Brent's been quiet and aside from that rather interesting meeting with Tristan at the cafe not much is there for me to report.
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Leo (04)

I was right...tricking Brent was amusing.  Although the man is really interesting even when he is sober.

It's funny how much my social life has seemed to explode as of late.  Not only did the date with Del go...well.  But I've also met a local model who seems to share my philosophy on life.  We both seem to be going after something that seems impossible to obtain so I guess that might be how we clicked so well.

Although he seems to be making more progress than I if the recent tabloid photos are anything to go by.  Heh.  Congrats my friend...it seems your endeavors are actually paying off.

Speaking of social endeavors...I believe I have an unplanned meeting with Tristan to make at the cafe.  Ah, discussing literature, I haven't read a book quite this good in awhile.  I'll have to be sure to thank him.

Leo (03)

I ran into Damien the other day at a pub. We played a game of cards and...I was rather baffled that he beat me. I'm not sure why I was so baffled seeing as...well I'm not GREAT at poker but generally I get rather lucky. I suppose it just wasn't with me for whatever reason. No big deal really...you can't win at every game you play. We drank a bit after that and somehow got on the topic of Del...is it just me or is this city starting to seem rather small with all these people I know knowing each other? Anyways, Damien apparently had some cookies from Del that he did not want. I, myself, rather like cookies (and Del) so offered to take the cookies off his hands.

Speaking of Del. I have a date with him at the end of the week. I'm...not even quite sure how that happened...a little innocent flirting goes a long way I suspect. Either way I'm rather looking forward to it...Del's very...Del? I dunno there's just something about him that's attractive...

On that note...Brent is a very entertaining drunk...and so far he has not hurled all over my bed which he is currently in...without a shirt. Honestly if I had known he was that bad at holding his booze I wouldn't have challenged him to a drinking contest. He even had the audacity to request that I put him out on the street! What the hell is wrong with him? What sort of friend would I be if I just abandoned his drunk ass on a sidewalk bench? He's a strange one that's for certain.

I'm curious to see his reaction when he wakes up half-naked on my bed...I can't be certain if he is one of those "blackout" drunks who forgets things. If he is I may have a tad bit of fun messing with his recollection of events. I suppose it will depend on how he approaches me when he wakes up. I'm not even sure he realizes I'm bi...not that that should matter really.

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Leo (02)

I have dubbed the fish Captain Jack.  He has a pirate ship...might as well give him a proper name to fit it.

In other news I ran into Brent again...only this time not quite as literal.  We were both eating at a pizza place downtown.  I played pinball and then basically challenged him to a shoot out with the zombie game.  It was rather fun...despite some of the odd moments.  Somehow he's become a friend despite the fact we've only met twice now...

After that however I was called away on business.  The boss needed me to find an artist because apparently the bar is 'missing something' and he felt that I had the knack to find good art.   Well I found someone at least, Damien....not sure if he was what the boss was looking for but I thought his work was well done.  He promised me a clock...well...at least sketches of one...I find the idea intriguing and look forward to seeing his ideas...

Both may or may not be showing up at The Potion soon...I suppose we'll just have to wait and see...

Speaking of which...it's time for work now.
dawn of an era

Leo (01)

I bought a fish the other day. It still lacks a name but I'm trying to find the best one for it I suppose. It's dark green with fins that turn to blue and I'm really glad I purchased him from that particular pet store as the boy who sold him to me was quite knowledgeable (if not a tad bit talkative) on that matter of marine life. I believe his nameplate said Delmar...at least I think...the card he gave me only gives the manager's name.

For some reason the boy reminded me of my encounter in the park with the man by the name of Brent. I believe it's because of their rather unique markings. It's only a coincidence though...I have no idea why I continue to dwell on the matter.

At any rate I believe I should get some sleep before tonight. It never does well to work when you are tired.