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The Ace of Spades

Luck of the Draw

X. Luxord (Leo)
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X.Three Names.X

Other Name: Rould
Organization Name: Luxord
Reincarnate's Name: Leonard(goes by Leo)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Platinum Blond
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Average
Location of the Mark: The roman numeral ten (X) is located on the inner wrist (side facing palm up) of his right hand and is about the size of a quarter.
Profession: Bartender and former Organization XIII member and chimney sweep
Sexual Orientation: Rather bi
X.Three Lives.X

Personality: Luxord is rather laid back most of the time and generally presents himself as a gentleman, although this nature can sometimes come off as flirtatious. However, it’s debatable whether he really is gentlemanly since his true demeanor can be rather crafty at times, constantly searching out for something that will benefit him in some way. Luxord treats life and his dealings as if it were some complicated chess game. He is rather intellectual as well, enjoying a good book to read (classical literature, thank you) when not playing one of his games.

Leo is not much different from his previous self, still a lover of games and still a man who abides by the rules (well, his personal rulebook at any rate). His flirtatious nature has now also evolved into a man who tends to be rather caring to the people he becomes close to and he can be protective of those people as well. He's rather friendly most of the time and tends to greet everyone with a smile, although this could be because of his profession as a bartender.

Appearance: A well built man with platinum blond hair cut short and well trimmed, including the goatee he sports. Luxord had dark blue eyes that are somewhat intense at times. His rather ‘reserved’ looks are countered by the fact that he sports multiple piercings on his ears.

Leo kept the distinct features from Luxord; the blond hair and the sapphire eyes. His hair is slightly longer than what Luxord used to keep it and as a result is a bit spikier (the goatee is kept well trimmed however). Leo also sports a few more piercings than his previous life: 3 piercings on his right ear (2 lower earlobes, 1 upper ear cartilage), 4 on his left ear (2 lower earlobe, 2 upper ear cartilage), a piercing (hoop) in his left eyebrow, a stud on the right side of his nose, and one in his tongue. Leo enjoys wearing other jewelry as well and most if not all of it is silver (bracelets, rings, and necklaces). People sometimes joke and call him a pirate but Leo just laughs right along with them. Despite this his overall appearance is still rather reserved (for the most part), preferring to wear button-up shirts (occasionally left unbuttoned and open over a tank top) and slacks.

Background: Rould was a chimneysweeper in London before the Heartless destroyed his world and took his own Heart, not to mention friends. He was soon found and taken in by the Organization as their tenth member, master of the element of time, and dubbed Luxord. Luxord served the Organization well for the short time he was a part of it. When Sora was awakened, he was assigned to the world of Port Royal where his interest was piqued by the cursed Aztec gold. His plans fell through however and he was forced to return to the World that Never Was where a little later he was destroyed by the Keyblade wielder.

This was not the end for him though. Like the other Organization members, he too was reborn. His parents gave him the name of Leonard James, Leo for short, and he grew up in the city with them and his two younger sisters, helping out at his parent's restaurant occasionally. Overall Leo's life was rather average, attending private school until he graduated and attended public college to obtain a degree in English Literature. He's never sure why he obtained this degree seeing as he enjoys working at a bar in the middle of town far more than anything else. As a bartender and entertainer (occasionally playing the piano when one of the other bartenders is on duty) he makes a hansom salary. He no longer speaks to his parents as they had a falling out when he was still a teenager (mostly when he started getting piercings and informed his parents that he was not, in fact, going to be a doctor). Leo doesn’t mind though and he has found he rather likes moving from place to place without ties making him a rather well-traveled person. When asked about the mark on his wrist he always claims it’s a tattoo even though he’s had it all his life and cannot really explain its significance.
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((played by bouncy_erbear for trinitycrossing))